You share your vision, we do the rest!

Your team wants to contribute to the local community, but it can be hard to know where to start. That’s where we come in. We have 15 years of experience engaging volunteers and promoting literacy in underserved schools and communities across the country.

When you partner with us you can choose from a list of projects that can be designed to meet your team’s interests, goals and available time. Whether your team members can volunteer for an hour, or a day, you can be assured their contribution will benefit thousands of children in your local school community, not just this year, but for years to come.

Why focus on literacy and volunteerism? Studies confirm that the availability of reading material is the strongest predictor of a child’s ability to read and succeed academically. And what better way to give back to the community than giving a hand to make a difference for a better future.

Knowing this, we are here to engage your team of volunteers in working together to make a difference in your local school or community organization. To get started is easy! Just click to contact our Associate Director of Development and Innovation, Christine Feller and she’ll begin exploring how we can work together.

Click the above video clip from The Oprah Show to watch our transformation of Florida’s Ocoee Middle School, redesigned in partnership with Target.

Got an Hour? Got a Day? Let’s Go!

Have only a few hours?

Through our Books From The Heart® Program, we’re ready to help you distribute new children’s books to school, classroom and home libraries, to help students gain the tools they need to succeed in school. Hold an on-site book drive, or host an online bookdrive–you decide!

Want to make an additional impact?

Join us in transforming school libraries, education spaces and youth centers in under-served communities across America into vital and vibrant centers of learning. Turn these spaces into the heart of a school or organization through our READesign® Library Makeover Program or smaller-scale READiscovery® Classroom Library models. Your team will be engaged in a high-touch event which could include:

  • Conducting Read-Alouds with students,
  • Distributing student book sets for children to create their own personal home libraries,
  • Transforming your new library or reading space by building shelving and furniture, shelving 2,000 new books, building shelving and furniture, setting up technology and preparing design elements to create engaging learning environments,
  • Leading fun, interactive educational activities with students,
  • Sharing parent resources and sibling books with families,
  • Unveiling a new library, reading space, reading garden, computer lab or parent resource center in a customized kickoff event,
  • Giving high-fives to deserving students and thrilled teachers,
  • …and more!

So what does it take to get started?
Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!

Just answer these three questions, and we are ready to rock!

1) WHERE do you want to serve? Do you have a local school or youth serving organization in mind? As soon as we know your desired market, we do the rest. We can also help you choose one. Once selected we’ll work with the school’s/organization’s leadership to assemble the right people to make the project happen.

2) WHAT do you want to focus on? A book distribution? Revitalizing an old library or reading space? Both? Are there any specific themes you’d like to promote beyond general education (i.e., health and wellness, parent resources, financial literacy, technology, etc.)? As soon as we help you pinpoint your goals, we do the rest. We have an expert books team and in-house design team to help identify the best resources for your project; plus preferred vendors who have trusted experience delivering our vision.

3) HOW would you like your volunteer experience to roll out? How many volunteers would you like to engage from your company, which day of the week, and for how many hours? Are there any additional community partners you’d like to involve in your team? As soon as we help define your ideal volunteer experience, we do the rest.

We make this process simple, yet engaging and meaningful for you and your team. You are on board every step of the way and you can choose your level of engagement. We customize and tailor your project to your needs.

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P.S. We Handle All the Details
We’ve got a lot to offer…

our expertise in education, project management, relationship building and volunteer management, for starters.

  • We’ll manage your project and serve as your dedicated sponsor, school and vendor liaison.
  • We work closely with national book vendors and stock our own warehouse.
  • Our team is skilled in architecture and design.
  • We can customize activities and branded materials with your organization in mind.
  • We’ll develop a customized kickoff event for you to celebrate the school community you select.
  • And, we’ll track and report our impact.
You share your vision, and we’ll do the rest!

We’re ready to work with you! Click to contact us today!
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