Today is the Day!

Picture this: You and your team of ten to two hundred or more volunteers have arrived at a local elementary school or organization in need of your help. As you walk into the school, you can’t help but notice the smiles on children’s faces. Their teachers have promised something exciting will be happening, and as you and your fellow volunteers arrive, the kids know today is the day!

These children are our future. Thanks to you they’ll now have greater access to the valuable resources they need to learn and succeed.

By partnering with us on your day of service, you and your team will make an important, lasting impact. We’re sure you’ll have a great time and share some high-fives and lots of smiles, too!

Today You’ll Make a Lasting Difference

Understanding Your Goals

Today is the result of months of careful planning. First, you chose from a list of our projects that fit your team’s interests and the time you had available. Then we designed experiences to directly benefit your community, as well as your organization’s goals to:

  • Engage your employees in the communities where they live and work,
  • Promote teambuilding,
  • Build stronger relationships with the local community,
  • Integrate your brand in a customized kickoff event,
  • Solicit media coverage of your project,
  • Connect with community leaders,
  • Expose a community to your team’s expertise and organizational culture,
  • Make a difference in children’s lives.

Let’s Get to Work.

We’ve prepared a fun, interactive experience for your group that will last a full, half or partial day (whatever format works best to meet your team’s needs). Whether you’ve selected a Books From The Heart® book drive and distribution; a complete READesign® Library Makeover, Reading Corner, Reading Garden, Computer Lab Makeover or Parent Resource Center; a READiscovery® Classroom Library or Reading Nook, your day of service will be a turn-key project that will provide necessary tools to children who need them most. We’ll break into smaller teams to divvy up preparation of these new resources you’ve helped provide, which may include:

  • New library books, themed classroom book sets, personal home collections,
  • Sibling books and parent resources,
  • Cutting edge technology (iPads, e-readers, laptops, mobile carts, educational apps and software, interactive white boards, etc.),
  • …and, possibly, a new reading space or library (complete with kid-friendly furniture, new shelving, bright paint and innovative design elements) to house them all.

“Thank Yous” by the Dozens

In as little as an hour, or throughout a school day, your team engaged in an event which may have included:

  • Conducting Read-Alouds with students,
  • Distributing student book sets for children to create their own personal home libraries,
  • Transforming your new library or reading space by building shelving and furniture, shelving 2,000 new books, building shelving and furniture, setting up technology and preparing design elements to create engaging learning environments,
  • Leading fun, interactive educational activities with students,
  • Sharing parent resources and sibling books with families,
  • Unveiling a new library, reading space, reading garden, computer lab or parent resource center in a customized kickoff event,
  • Giving high-fives to deserving students and thrilled teachers,
  • …and more!

Your Successful Day of Service is Just a Click Away!
Join us! There’re lots of kids in your community who are excited for us to partner up and get to work! Our turn-key community service programs ensure every moment of your day is focused on results that will benefit your community both today and well into the future. We’re ready to get to work! Contact us now, or:
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