The Heart of America Foundation
is a national nonprofit that can provide
your team with an engaging and meaningful volunteer experience
with children and literacy at the focus.
Your Team Can Make a Difference in a Child’s Future

How It Works

We provide the expertise to help your team engage in a READesign® Library Makeover, a Books From The Heart® Book Distribution or another innovative education project with your local school community. From our first meeting to the finished project, we make working together easy!
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The Volunteer Experience

Memorable, meaningful and fun are just a few of the ways volunteers have described their experience with our nationally recognized projects. You’ll see how quickly a project comes together as the skills, interests and talents of the volunteers make short work of the “to do” list.
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Your Day of Service

Curious what a typical day of service would be like for your volunteers? You’ll be amazed at how quickly a school library or reading space in your local community can be transformed from dull and drab to a the most exciting space in a school or organization.

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Volunteering with the Heart of America is easy!

Your teams are expert at what they do. When they make the time to volunteer, we know they want to see real results for their efforts.

That’s where we come in. Since 1997, The Heart of America Foundation has created turn-key projects with corporate and community volunteers to impact communities across the country. We’ve transformed over 250 READesign® school libraries and education spaces and distributed 3.6 million books to children in need.

Our expertise enables us to streamline community engagement projects related to literacy and reading, so volunteers can make significant contributions in line with their interests and skills.

We offer a broad range of programs, including our READesign® Library Makeover Program, Reading Corners, Reading Gardens, Book Distributions and more. We can even customize a volunteer opportunity to meet your team’s specific needs.

In just a few hours, your team members will transform not just libraries or reading spaces, but children’s lives, as well as their own.

We have partnered with corporate volunteers including Target, Capital One, FedEx, The NFL Players Association and DC United with spectacular results that will benefit generations to come. Click here to view our Partners Page.

Join us! You’ll soon see how easy it is for your team to make a significant, lasting contribution to your community. Right now there are students in your local schools and community eager for these much needed resources.  Together we can create a day they will remember forever!

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